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Why Work With Us

We offer you great capital appreciation and return within a reasonably conservative capital structure.

Lending Zone and its partners have successfully developed innovative and challenging projects in Toronto and in other parts of Canada. We are positioned to take advantage of a wide range of opportunities to create real estate value – from the acquisition of existing assets with value-added potential, including non-performing loans and distressed assets, to opportunistic strategies that require some degree of asset repositioning, development and improvement.

Our mission is to build solid long-term relationships as a respected and profitable real estate development company focused on acquisitions, project financing, asset management, development and improvement, repositioning of residential properties, project / construction management, marketing and sales.

We are known for our innovative approach in acquisitions and developments. Our strengths are our vision and values, an outstanding team of skilled, experienced and creative development professionals, sound business practices with thorough understanding of the market, solid relationships, and a proven track record. Our combined tools and experience enable Lending Zone to source and structure unique transactions that generate superior risk-adjusted returns.

We invest only in Canada – with its solid economy, stable and fiscally responsible government, and the strongest banking system in the world. This investment strategy provides a stable and growing environment for Lending Zone and our investors. In addition, we acquire and invest only in the most stable and consistent sector of real estate, which is development and improvement. Unlike other real estate development groups, our executives and partners are actively engaged in projects.

Given the extreme volatility in the stock markets and record low interest rates on bonds, many investors have questioned their asset mix and are increasingly looking for alternative or shorter-term investments. Lending Zone offers the best alternative to traditional investing strategies. Investing in real estate, specifically in development and improvement, has always been considered the safest and the most conservative investment. It provides the best predictable return.

Overall, Lending Zone provides the most secured and durable investment, a greater return to the investor and tangible real security. Your investment is secured by real estate property. By investing and partnering in projects with Lending Zone, you are able to achieve the benefits of investing in a diverse Canadian real estate development portfolio that provides consistently greater returns without stock market volatility.

Lending Zone’s business strategy is predicated on 5 main practices:

1 – Identifying unique real estate opportunities before the competition
A key element of Lending Zone’s strategic approach is the ability to identify unique opportunities for achieving high returns. Lending Zone and its partners have established a track record of sourcing deals that the broader market is not yet aware of. This ability is the result of maintaining meaningful relationships across the spectrum of real estate industry participants, including brokers, lenders, tenants, regulators, city officials, title officers and other developers, operators and investors. With our strategic vision and entrepreneurial approach, Lending Zone and its partners have built a strong business foundation that has enabled us to enjoy – and continue to enjoy – nearly a decade of steady growth.

2 – Unlocking Real Estate Value
Our in-depth knowledge of certain markets and market factors allows Lending Zone to create value that others cannot – whether through opportunistic investments in land, the recapitalization and repositioning of existing assets, or through strategic investments in critical infrastructure projects. By bringing a diverse set of perspectives (financial, legal, public and private) to challenging situations, we are able to structure creative solutions that are not readily apparent to a typical investment bank, private equity firm, or traditional real estate development company.

3 – Public-Private Partnerships
Our team has extraordinary experience with all elements of public-private partnerships, from building community consensus and support for the entitlement process to structuring and negotiating complex development and financing agreements, including disposition and development and owner participation agreements, long-term financeable ground leases and other creative public financing structures.

4 – Entitlements
We have tremendous experience navigating the complex regulatory, political and transactional issues required to realize the latent value in underdeveloped real estate.

5 – Building and maintaining long-term relationship
Over the years, we’ve continued to build and maintain relationships with key decision makers in many business sectors, including financial institutions, regulatory agencies, property owners, lenders, equity partners, tenants, builders, brokers, engineers, architects, construction managers, land planners, community advocates and consultants, and marketing experts.

Due to the depth of our transactional experience and broad network of contacts, we are able to structure transactions that increase returns and mitigate risk.

We have projects of our own, and work with other commercial / business borrowers that often have projects which require investor participation. Once we know your investment criteria, we can present you with deals that we think you’ll want to participate in.