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Our Process

We have a proven 7-steps process for success that we developed over the years.

1 – Receive Your Request, Schedule Free Consultation, Request Details of Your Proposed Financial Transaction

We like to schedule a meeting in person, by phone or teleconference / webcam. The meeting will give us the opportunity to understand your request, review your financing needs and projected strategy, and establish the potential of success for both of us.

You can provide the information through our secure online application process or email or in person.

2 – Our Proposal & Brokerage Agreement / Letter of Engagement to you

Once we’re confident that we have the right lender for you, we provide you with a written proposal / Brokerage Agreement / Letter of Engagement which will describe the terms and conditions of our services & costs.

You’ll accept our proposal and will retain us.

3 – Preparation, Introduction, Submission & Presentation

We will prepare & present formal packages according to the specific guidelines of each lender, and they may request to meet with you in person, by teleconference / webcam, or by telephone.

4 – Receipt of Letter of Intent “LOI” from the Lender

The lender will issue a letter of intent / interest with terms and conditions.

5 – Acceptance of “LOI” by you

You’ll accept and sign the “LOI” and provide any additional documents that the lender may request.

6 – Commitment from Lender

Receipt of a firm commitment from the lender.

7 – Direction to Lawyer & Closing

We (both we & lender) will send the directions to lawyer.

We will follow up to finalize the transaction / closing, which will be subject to the date determined for funding. You will receive your funds and we receive our commission from the lawyer.

As you see, when the loan is finalized, we get paid a commission. This method of compensation ensures that we will be there to smooth out any problems that may arise until the deal is legally complete.

We want you to succeed in getting the loan you need. Our compensation is linked to the funds we’re able to obtain for you.

Once our free initial consultation with you is complete, if we believe that we can assist you to get the loan, you will retain us, just as you would hire a lawyer. We agree on a retainer, which is payable when we agree to work together.