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About Us

Our mission is to navigate the complex world of commercial, Construction, Business, Residential and other finance products for both our clients and our lenders.
Our goal is to build long-term business relationships and mutual satisfaction!

Lending Zone Corp is a Canadian-based company that expertly brokers commercial, Construction, Business and Residential finance deals. We have vast experience and knowledge in many finance products.

Finance is the lifeblood of any business. Our commercial and business financing deals fuel industry and support commerce across Canada, the United States, and other US-friendly countries.

Lending Zone’s comprehensive services cover all aspects of commercial and business financing and all sectors of the market.

We are uniquely capable of addressing the specific needs of borrowers and lenders – and to arrive at agreements that are mutually beneficial.

We know how to ensure that loan proposals are packaged in the most effective and persuasive way and presented to the most appropriate lender. So we are able to get our clients a “YES” – and the best deal.

The founder and principal of Lending Zone has over 20 years of finance brokerage experience with major Canadian banks, non-traditional lenders and investors. He participated in all areas of business and commercial finance, as well as personal and residential finance. He was also responsible for maintaining banking relationships with clients from all business sectors.

Lending Zone Corp is expert at understanding businesses and what drives them. We are also highly skilled at the criteria that lending institutions use in assessing proposals and analysing risks, so we’re knowledgeable about how to structure proposals.

As a result, working with Lending Zone makes good business sense!